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Acemar, based in Italy, is a company with 65 years of experience and history; it was founded in 1956 when the head of the family Pizzato Rizzieri – who, at the time, was one of the first men to extract marble in Altopiano di Asiago – was starting the extraction activity of Bianco Perlino and Beige Alpi marbles inside the quarry he had opened himself.

After a 10-year experience in construction and engineering in Milan, he was only 24: he was fascinated by everything the natural stone could create for the interior design and therefore, as a consequence of the widespread use of marble and the more common demand, he decided to go back to his roots – the Altopiano di Asiago – to open his first quarry.

The first achievements arrived soon, so the following year he was hiring new employees already, also opening another two quarries to extract the Rosa Perlino and Rosso Asiago marbles.

Our history is all made of Italian marble, and begins in Asiago in 1956.



From 1959

From 1959, the company grew with the building of a marble sawmill, specialised in: production of slabs, block cuts, marble workshops with machines to cut the slabs, custom-made works, polishing and finishing. This is how the manufacturing and selling activity of marble blocks and slabs across Italy began.

The expansion

During the 60s and the 70s, the expansion process follows its path, reaching 100 employees allocated in the quarries, the sawmill and the workshop.

Family conduction

In 1982, his son Orfeo joined the company, by following his father’s footsteps and expanding the commerce of marble blocks, which are purchased from the quarries of every part of Italy.

Leader of marbles

From 1956 to today, we still are leaders in the production and sale of Bianco Perlino, Rosa Perlino, Beige Alpi and Rosso Asiago marble, which are products entirely extracted from our quarries.


Nowadays, with many years of experience behind us, we produce and process all marble, stone, quartzite, granite and onyx directly with specialized collaborators.

Thanks to our laboratory in Verona, we have the possibility to work the slabs directly in the warehouse with high quality machinery that allows us to cut to size the pieces to your liking.

Specifically, we are specialized in:

  • Marble floors
  • Marble, granite, onyx and quartzite slabs
  • Cut to size project (marble tables, marble kitchen tops, marble stairs, marble sinks)
  • Marble blocks (as well as shapeless block, semi-blocks and blocks for statues)
  • Marble design (marble objects, marble decor and more)

We work with architects, construction companies, marble workshops, interior designers and also with individuals for residential and commercial projects.

We are qualified to work with all marble quarries in Italy and we collaborate with commercial agents who help us in the choice of foreign quarries, from the choice of the single block up to large containers, in particular:

  • Italian marbles (Bianco Carrara, Calacatta Gold, Statuario, Arabescato, Travertino, Botticino, Bianco Perlino and much more)
  • Marbles of the World (Sahara Noir, Rain Forest Green / Brown, Pietra Gray, Panda white, Invisible Gray Nero Marquina, Emperador Dark / Light and much more)
  • Brazilian Quartzites and Granites (Sodalite Blue, Amazzonite, Patagonia, Cristallo White, Fusion Blue / Black, Emerald Green, Lemurian Blue Baobab and much more)
  • Pakistani and Iranian Onyxes (Green Onyx, Pink Onyx, White Onyx, Pink Onyx, Black Onyx, Red Onyx, Blue Onyx and much more)
  • Classic Roman Travertine, Walnut Travertine, Navona Travertine.

If you still don’t have an idea of ​​which marble, granite, quartzite or onyx to use for your home, office or any residential and commercial building, take a look at our collection and choose the material that best suits your needs.