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Beige Alpi Marble(or Rubbio Verdello) is an Italian marble with a lot of colour shades: from light beige to dark beige, or from grey-blue beige to green-blue beige, depending on the point of extraction of solid portions of the quarry. Usually, the block is cross cut (parallel to the stratification layers), or less by using the vein cut (vertical to the stratification layers) where the straight line of the veins is mostly shown. It is a very strong and compact material, due to the fact it does not allow the absorption of water if put outside, therefore it becomes an ice-resistant marble (CE marking).

It is commonly used for outdoor flooring, street furniture, squares and pavements, for its high resistance to the most difficult weather conditions. It can also be used in indoor furniture with polished or honed finishes (doorways, shelves, kitchens, staircasesfloorings, wall covering, skirting boards), or brushed, which is perfect as a non-slip floor for public areas or places where very resistant materials are needed. Furthermore, it is also useful to build doorways or porches, with antique-mature marble and stone wall covering as well.

As for outdoor furniture, the Alps Beige works at its best with the bush-hammered finish (a very elegant workmanship), but can also be rolled (an up-to-date, modern workmanship with more or less fine parallel stripes, at request); the aged finish is also very peculiar (it has a light bushhammered texture, then it is brushed too, by making the manufacturing non-slip as well).

Tiles :

  • 15x15x1 (6″x6″x3/8″) – 30,5×30,5×1 (12″x12″x3/8″) – 61×30,5×1 (24″x12″x3/8″) – 40x40x1 (16″x16″x3/8″)  45,7×45,7×1 (18″x18″x3/8″) – 61x61x1 (24″x24″x3/8″) – 80x40x1 (32″x16″x3/8″)  – 91×45,7×1 (36″x18″x3/8″) – 121x61x1 (48″x24″x3/8″)
  • 30x30x2 – 40x40x2 – 45x45x2 – 60x60x2 – 120x60x2

Slabs : 2 cm (3/4″) – 3 cm (1 1/4″)


Cut to size : beige alpi marble floor, marble table, vanity top, marble countertop, marble backsplash, hexagon marble tiles, octagon marble tiles, marble mosaic (herringbone, square, octagonal, hexagonal, subway etc..), marble riser, marble sink, marble basin, top marble kitchen, rolling pin and marble cutting board, marble skirting, marble thresholds, marble stairs etc..