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A marble flooring or cladding for interiors creates in your home a lively and full of beauty environment that lasts over time, without aging.

The main processes for a marble floor are:

Polished marble floor: gives beauty to natural stone with a shining effect, especially for the Bianco Carrara, Calacatta, Arabescato and Statuario materials. Usually this finish is used for kitchen, hall and living room floors.

Honed marble floor: useful for very busy environments, it has the characteristic of anti-slip and has a slightly opaque color. This finish adapts well to the bathroom flooring thanks to its particular characteristics. The most used materials are Bianco Carrara, Calacatta, Arabescato, Statuario and Bianco Perlino. In addition to the bathroom, a honed floor is used for all those rooms where a light anti-slip is desired.

Brushed (or satin) marble floor: as regards our products, Bianco Perlino, Rosa Perlino and Beige Alpi are ideal, which highlights the pattern of the veins in the marble tile (a feature in great demand and used in Italy), Also this finish, as for the polished surface, leads to obtaining a light anti-slip that can be made more shiny or opaque according to preferences.

Bush-hammered, antiqued, tumbled and natural split marble floor: this type also has the characteristic of anti-slip. It is used both in public and private environments, it is a type of processing that makes marble a long-lasting material. It has the ability to express the maximum of its natural beauty, a gift that few other natural stones possess.

How much does the marble floor cost?

Certainly the price varies according to the type of material, quality, size, thickness and finish. Considering an inexpensive standard size, the 30×30, the starting price is from 35 € x sqm up to 150 € x sqm for the finest materials.

The 1 cm thick marble tiles for the internal floor are all calibrated and polished beveled (or polished), below the standard sizes we produce:

  • 30.5×30.5×1 cm
  • 30.5x to runx1cm
  • 61×30.5×1 cm
  • 40x40x1 cm
  • 45.7×45.7×1 cm
  • 45.7x91x1 cm
  • 61x61x1 cm
  • 80x80x1 cm
  • 100x100x1 cm
  • 122x61x1 cm
  • Hexagonal tiles (30x30x1 cm, 20x20x1 cm, 15x15x1 cm)
  • Octagonal tiles (30x30x1 cm, 20x20x1 cm, 15x15x1 cm)
  • Marble mosaics (on 30×30 mesh and pieces from 2 to 5 cm)
  • Palladiana in marble (irregular shape)
  • Other sizes on request


While thickness 2 cm:

  • 30x30x2 cm
  • 20x20x2 cm
  • 40x20x2 cm
  • 40x40x2 cm
  • 60x30x2 cm
  • 80x40x2 cm
  • 60x60x2 cm
  • 120x60x2 cm
  • 80x80x2 cm
  • 100x100x2 cm
  • Other sizes on request