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How to find the best plan for your kitchen?

First of all take into consideration not only the aesthetic factor but also the functional one, it is important to have a resistant and practical plan.

Acemar supplies design marble kitchen tops on your project of all kinds, even with solid sinks.

On request we can carry out finishes with polished or polished tops and backsplash (risers) of all Italian marbles, as well as finishes of the full bullnose edges (rounded processing suitable for bathroom tops and kitchen tops), 45 ° revers bevel and shed edge (from 2 cm or 5 cm with continuation of vein, used a lot in Northern Europe), half bullnose edges (it has the shape of a convex quarter circle) or straight redges (the simplest and most used, with 45 ° bevels).

Thanks to their beauty and originality, our Italian marbles fit nicely into any custom design of your kitchens, taverns with solid sinks, kitchen tops, kitchen islands of various shapes with any of our materials or type of processing.

The kitchen, according to some surveys, appears to be the room where people tend to spend more than the other rooms and they care about the continuous renewal of it.

What are the advantages of the kitchen countertops?

Marble kitchen tops have always been the most elegant and refined solution, also considering its practicality and solidity over time and the fact that it adapts to any genre, whether it is a classic or modern kitchen. The marbles boast such a wide range of colors that there is plenty of choice. In addition to having many qualities such as being water resistant, you can choose between different finishes, the most common, also for a hygiene and cleanliness factor, are polish and honed. But also the satin and brushed finishes are widely used, especially in veined materials where they are able to highlight the “hollowed out” veins. In addition to an aesthetic factor, marble is a material that is easy and practical to clean and manages, unlike many other products obtained in an industrial way, to remain intact over time.

The most used marbles for the kitchen tops are Carrara, Calacatta, Arabescato, Statuario and Nero Marquina marble.

What are the flaws of marble kitchen countertops?

If we really have to find a flaw, before choosing which type of marble to use for your kitchen top, it is good that you know that marble, like all other natural materials, must be kept with care. It must be cleaned properly and it is best to avoid coming into contact with acidic foods such as lemon, vinegar, some spices or wine, to avoid any stains.

This is certainly not a valid reason not to choose marble, which certainly has the great beauty and harmony it creates in a kitchen in its favor.

Thanks to specific treatments performed a couple of times a year, this problem would not even arise because these treatments would create a kind of barrier, surface protection. For prevention, therefore, you should keep a specific anti-stain product for marble at home or apply a transparent water-repellent protective treatment on the surface to protect it, so as not to allow the marble to absorb.

Also not to be underestimated is the quality of installation of the underlying furniture, essential for creating total robustness. The grouting must then be done with neutral, transparent or color-matched silicone, hermetically sealed in the parts that are added one piece to the other. This sealing ensures that there are no water infiltrations and consequently, to keep the underlying furniture perfect over time, which would be damaged with water.

Choosing a granite countertop certainly requires less attention thanks to its great resistance to scratches, stains and its durability. The most used for kitchen countertops are Absolute Black and Sardinian White, otherwise if you are looking for something more elegant there are quartzites such as Black Fusion, Avocatus, Patagonia, Amazzonite and the Taj Mahal.

If you have enough space available in your kitchen and you want to make it modern, surely what cannot be missing is the custom-made marble kitchen island, which shows itself as a unique architectural work of its kind, which gives the impression of having a real block in the center of your kitchen.

Thanks to the experience of over 50 years, Acemar achieves its best results by working on customized projects for the creation of a marble kitchen and, upon request, we offer the possibility of pre-installation in the laboratory. In this way, the customer has the opportunity to have a more real idea of ​​the final result.

In particular for the veined materials, we are able to create a continuation of vein between the kitchen countertops, the backsplash (riser) and the front panel, not to be underestimated if you want to create a harmonious and valuable environment.

How much does a marble or granite kitchen counter cost?

The answer is not simple, as the price varies according to the type of material, quality, finish and thickness.

If you still don’t have an idea of ​​which marble, granite or onyx to use for the decor of your kitchen, take a look at our collection and choose the material that best suits your needs.