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This surface is also called “orange peel” or “patina” finish.
This is a surface finish procedure for natural stone slabs which gives an antique and aged effect for a long time.
Marble brushing is often well-matched with another outdoor procedure, the bush-hammered, which has similar characteristics (non-slip), and can also be used in interiors (stairs, floors).

The stone is finished with a complex process that offers a flat, non-homogeneous surface, which is then defined with brushes at different degrees of abrasion, until a nearly worn out appearance is achieved. This procedure requires as much time as the bush-hammered. There are other ways to achieve this finish with acids, though it does not seem to achieve the same results.

This finishing gives an opaque and slightly wavy appearance, unlike polishing which gives a glossy effect.
The color is irregular and the veins very evident, though visually very pleasant, as well as to the touch.
The brushed surface is applied to most marbles and rarely to granites as they are not predisposed to this type of procedure.