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Bush-hammered finish: this finish is particularly used for outdoor flooring, with the particular non-slip feature, it has a rustic but at the same time elegant appearance. Considered the most common and elegant rough processing on a marble surface. Usually this finish is used on sturdy and compact marbles resistant to the stresses of this type of processing performed with discs or rollers with bushing made of small tools that rotate continuously. It is important to use sturdy marbles as the strong stresses of this type of processing could cause breakages. In fact, to avoid this, on small tiles all bush-hammered products have a characteristic 45 ° edge called “bevel” of at least 0.5-1 cm which remains honed and perimeters between the bush hammering. As for larger sizes obtained from slabs, the bevel is not necessary and only on request. Used both on marble floors and on marble stairs, both for internal and external floors.