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Marble is often used for both public and private urban furniture.

Marble allows you to decorate urban centers of all cities in the world, to offer resistance to wear, they must have (CE) certificates to be suitable for the local climate.

We can decorate urban centers (for example Trento, Verona and Venice), with works already carried out and visible on sidewalks, bridges, squares, flower beds and decorations on designs of all kinds and qualities.

We always point out that as far as marble laid externally is concerned, the professional in the sector must always support the customer in choosing a material based on his taste, but also on the strength and selection of materials resistant to the climate of those specific places.

Marble has always been used to decorate details of beauty, but also for practicality of use in urban and private exteriors of the most beautiful cities in the world, where you can enjoy the beauty of marble which, if combined with taste and the right precautions, will be for always present to give value and beauty, incomparable to the products offered today, created by the industry.

Marble is nature and nature must be admired.