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Travertine Pink (or Travertino Rosa) is a material mined in Iran and Turkey. It can be requested grouted and not grouted (with holes). It has a light pink background, and as for the Classic Roman Travertine it is usually cut in a “cross cut” with horizontal veins of a dark pink color (and rarely in a “vein cut”). Available in many surface finishes: polished, honed, brushed and tumbled. It has the great characteristic of being a compact and solid material, which is why it is suitable for both indoor (floors, marble-bathrooms, coverings, washbasins, kitchen tops) and outdoor environments.

Tiles :

  • 15x15x1 (6″x6″x3/8″) – 30,5×30,5×1 (12″x12″x3/8″) – 61×30,5×1 (24″x12″x3/8″) – 40x40x1 (16″x16″x3/8″)  45,7×45,7×1 (18″x18″x3/8″) – 61x61x1 (24″x24″x3/8″) – 80x40x1 (32″x16″x3/8″)  – 91×45,7×1 (36″x18″x3/8″) – 121x61x1 (48″x24″x3/8″)
  • 30x30x2 – 40x40x2 – 45x45x2 – 60x60x2 – 120x60x2

Slabs : 2 cm (3/4″) – 3 cm (1 1/4″)


Cut to Size : travertine flooring, travertine table, travertine cobblestones, travertine riser, travertine baseboard, travertine sink / sink, travertine tub, travertine kitchen top, travertine thresholds, travertine stairs etc ..