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Flamed finish: this finish is obtained thanks to flames that bring the marble to high temperatures, thus causing the outbreak and consequent surface breakage of the marble top. Hence the beauty and originality of this process. This finish acts not so much on the color as on the texture of the material. In fact, this procedure gives the material a rough, soft and porous appearance, both to the eye and to the touch. The surface that remains is an extremely solid and compact part, allowing the material to have excellent resistance to atmospheric events and any other possible wear.

It is used for interior decorations (floors and kitchen tops) but is particularly suitable for any external application, especially for stairs thanks to its great anti-slip feature. It must be borne in mind that the flaming removes about 3mm of depth. For this it is necessary to use material with a greater thickness.

Especially performed on marble, granite, porphyry and quartzite, but it is important that they are compact and resistant materials.