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If you want to stay warm, you must have a marble fireplace.

Half of the calendar year leads us to have temperatures close to 0° and, most of the fireplace cladding in Italy is made with marble. The decoration elements are an essential factor to give particularity and uniqueness. In addition to an aesthetic value, marble fireplaces are able to create an atmosphere of union between people. The marble fireplace also has a number of advantages also from a functional point of view. It is a material that has the fantastic ability to resist the heat generated by fire for a long time when this is used in the right way as a frame for a combustion chamber made of steel, cast iron and refractory products that allows the fireplace not to wear out its structure and its original color.

For the decoration of your fireplace you can do all the desired processes, thus making every particularity unique in its kind.

It can have a modern or antique design, according to personal taste. A simple frame or outline of the combustion chamber (fire) or decoration up to the ceiling can be created. In fact, nowadays, the marble decoration of the entire wall of the fireplace is also widely used, which enhances the colors that marble offers in nature, or with beautiful “bookmatch” veins capable of create unique things and authentic design masterpieces.

We specialize in marble decoration for design fireplaces based on your design and request.

The choice varies from processes with modern and elegant polish finishes to aging processes of the material for the more classic environments. All our products are used in any shape and processing, with fire bed and cladding details including solid wood, as well as finishing processes of any kind required.

How big is a marble fireplace?

The marble fireplaces can be of various shapes and sizes, such as the Venetian or Louis XVI style frames that are simply around the combustion chamber usually with these measures: height 120/150 cm, length 90/120 cm and depth 15/30 cm.

How to clean the inside of a marble fireplace?

Simple, like any other fireplace. Remove the ash before lighting, always have fine wood available for ignition with products such as diavolina (practical product for lighting), always keep the wood resting on the back of the combustion chamber. Last but not least, make sure that the smoke outlet register is fully open.

Acemar, thanks to many years of experience in this area, specializes in furnishing fireplaces in every design.

The most used marbles for the cladding of marble fireplaces are Bianco Carrara, Calacatta Oro, Statuario, Arabescato, Nero Portoro, Nero Marquina and Rosso Alicante (or other colored and veined marbles).

How much does a marble fireplace cost?

To have an exhaustive answer to the question, it is certainly important to know the type of material and the details in detail, but in principle we can say that the marble cladding for a basic fireplace starts at approximately 1.500 € to go up.

If you still don’t have an idea of ​​which marble, granite or onyx to use for the indoor or outdoor fireplace in your home, take a look at our collection and choose the material that best suits your needs.