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Marble is increasingly the protagonist in decorative and colored coverings for the walls of our homes, especially in skyscrapers and buildings in the most important cities in the world.

As with any external work, for the choice of the type of material it is necessary to rely on the advice of a professional in the sector, so as to find a material suitable for the customer’s taste and the type of climate of the place.

The external claddings of a wall can have various thicknesses, starting from 1cm upwards, depending on the size of the tile sizes or the finishes of the top which, more or less rustic, call for work.

Generally, for a ventilated wall, we recommend granite because it is more suitable for the long term.

For this type of work it is important to use a high quality base adhesive and a good grouting job, so as not to allow water infiltration. To ensure that the latter do not occur, we recommend joints of at least 5mm in order to have a deep grouting and a safe duration over time.

External claddings with ventilated marble walls, on the other hand, require thicknesses of at least 3 cm, in order to keep the tile fixed on the structure frame safe over time.

Usually it is the professional technician who in the project, based on the metal structure, is responsible for giving indications on the work to be carried out on the marble, which is then affixed to the structure itself. Especially in this case the choice of marble with characteristics of resistance to the local climate over time is important.