White Carrara marble (or Bianco Carrara marble) is a white and grey, sturdy material to use in the home. Click here for your ultimate white Carrara marble guide!

Looking to add a dash of personality and high-end luxury to your interior? Using white Carrara marble, a years-old natural stone, is a unique way to achieve the purpose!

From the flooring of ancient palaces to the decoration of modern-day buildings, marble has been used throughout history to instantly enhance the appearance of any interior. White Carrara, in addition, has the ability to make a minimalist design statement with its neutral color and attractive veining.

If you’re ready to leverage the grand beauty and regal appearance of white Carrara marble, this article is your one-stop shop to learn all about it — so you know why, how, and where to use it. Keep reading for your ultimate guide on white Carrara marble!

What Is White Carrara Marble?

White Carrara, also famously known as Bianco Carrara marble, is one of the most common types of light-hued marble. Its color palette is usually an affair of white and grey, making it suitable for a variety of interiors. The base is a whitish-grey hue, topped with a thin, feathery veining pattern.

Carrara marble dates back to the 1500’s, when palaces were built using this stone to showcase its beauty. Over the years, it has been valued for its pristine appearance and sturdiness.

The Origins Of White Carrara

Carrara marble has its roots laid in Italy, specifically ranging from the Appenine mountain range to the city of Carrara. This is why it forms an integral part of Italian interior design.

Carrara Marble Quarry

What Is The Difference Between White Carrara C and CD?

There are mainly two kinds of Bianco Carrara — it is graded as either C or CD at the quarry. White Carrara C has a relatively white background and grey veining, while CD is more on the greyish side with darker veining. Generally, the former is of higher quality than the latter.

Why Is White Carrara So Famous?

White Carrara marble is used across the world for plenty of reasons, with the most notable ones listed below.

Suitable For A Variety Of Interior Design Styles

The minimalist appearance of white Carrara makes it suitable for many interior design styles. It can help keep the ambiance of contemporary and modern interiors toned down, diversifies textures in the Scandinavian style, adds to the functionality of transitional interiors, and acts as a great natural material for industrial spaces. So, no matter what your style is, white Carrara can coherently complement it!

How much does white carrara marble cost?

While white Carrara C may be expensive, the CD variety is considerably reasonable. In addition, the prices largely depend on the tiles size, slab size, blocks size, thickness, finish type, and various other factors, but generally, white Cararra CD is a suitable option if you’re working around a budget.

As an estimate :

Price polished/honed Carrara CD slabs of 20 mm thickness can cost between 50 and 80 € x m2

Price polished/honed Carrara C slabs of 20 mm thickness can cost between 110 and 180 € x m2

Medium size slabs in White Carrara marble 3200/2800×1900/1700×20/30 mm

Price of polished/honed tiles in Carrara CD costs from 40 € x m2 (the price depends on the size of the tiles, quantity and quality)

Price of polished/honed tiles in Carrara C costs from 50 € x m2 (the price depends on the size of the tiles, quantity and quality)

Standard tile sizes in Bianco Carrara:

Square shape: 300x300x10mm, 600x600x10mm, 400x400x10mm, 450x450x10mm, 900x900x10mm, 1000x1000x10mm

Rectangular shape: 300x150x10mm, 600x300x10mm, 800x400x10mm, 900x600x10mm, 1200x600x10mm

Marble Is Sustainable

Marble, including the various grades of white Carrara, is a natural, environmentally-friendly product. Its extraction has a minimal carbon footprint. Additionally, Carrara quarries are required to comply with government regulations. This means using white Carrara isn’t only a stunning addition to your interior; it’s also a kinder option for the outdoors!

It’s Unique

The natural origins and evolution of marble mean every piece is unique. The veining and patterns you find in one slab of marble will be slightly different from other slabs. You can think of it as an original piece of artwork reserved just for your interior!

This is further enhanced by the finishes available (polished and honed), meaning you can choose a piece that truly reflects your taste.

White Carrara Is Durable

White Carrara is virtually non-porous and dense, making it sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. This means even if you initially invest in upgrading the aesthetic of your home, the marble will last you for years to come — just with the right cleaning and maintenance.

It May Add To Property Value

White Carrara’s aesthetic, elegant design statement, as well as its ability to take a space from boring to luxurious, significantly boosts property value. This means you can land faster sales and potentially higher prices when and if you decide to put your property on the market.

Ways To Use The Bianco Carrara Marble

You can use white Carrara in a variety of rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, and more! Whether your interior needs include extensive flooring or simply a few countertops, tiles, slabs, and cut-to-size pieces will meet your needs.

Consider incorporating white Carrara into different parts of the home in the following ways:

  • Kitchen: Island, Backsplash and countertops
  • Bathroom and powder room: Wall(s) covering, flooring and vanity top
  • Bedroom: Wall(s) covering and flooring
  • Living room: Around the fireplace and flooring

Note that the thickness of slabs and tiles will vary for each application.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Carrara Marble

Marble cleaning and maintenance are relatively easy to achieve.

  • Cleaning: Clean your white Carrara marble with a high-quality detergent, followed by a rinse with warm water. Avoid vinegar (and other acidic substances), bleach, abrasive scrubbers, and soap, as these may damage the marble.
  • Maintenance: As a part of regular maintenance, instantly wipe off any food and drink spills from the Carrara marble surface. If you’re using it as flooring, cover highly-trafficked areas with rugs. Additionally, consider resealing the surface every once in a while to ensure the Carrara marble lasts you for years to come. This can be done using a marble sealant, and is a recommended practice three to five times a year.

Final Words

Whether you’re a private client, architect, construction company, or contractor, the minimalist yet sturdy build, dramatic veining, and exquisite appearance of white Carrara marble will meet all your interior design needs.

By thoroughly going through the article above, as well as the ideas of prices and pictures given, we hope you know all about this stunning natural stone — and how to incorporate it into your space Whether you use it for your tables, kitchen tops, floor, covering walls, backsplash, or fireplaces, Carrara marble will instantly enhance the ambiance of your space!